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Industry Best:

All of the "Big 6" manufacturers are building quality products. Each manufacturer offers some features that are unique to them. As an independent dispenser I have access to ALL of the most innovative technologies available in our industry allowing us to tailor the best product choice to your individual needs. With 39 years combined manufacturing and dispensing experience it is well worth scheduling an appointment; you can be confident that your fitting will be a great experience. 

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TV streaming, cell phone compatibility and remote directional microphones are some of the accessories that can be used with today's hearing aids. When you hear terms like Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, or 9MHz, you can boil it down to one simple thought.....wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity allows you to hear maximum speech content at a comfortable listening volume. A demonstration of these accessories is well worth schedule an appointment. You may or may not need these accessories in the beginning but you need to know what they are and what they can do for you.

Hearing Test:

  • Otoscopic Examination: Using a video-otoscope we’ll look in your ears and check the overall health of your eardrums and check your ear canals for growths and excessive cerumen (wax) build up.
  • Cerumen (Wax) Removal: Using a sterilized curette we can remove excessive wax to ensure good test results and maximize hearing aid performance. In the event we are not able to remove the wax we’ll either suggest the use of a wax removal kit or refer you to an ENT or walk in clinic to have it removed.  
  • Hearing Test: During the hearing test you’ll respond to air conduction tones (AC) and bone conduction tones (BC). Then we’ll find your uncomfortable level (UCL), most comfortable level (MCL). At your most comfortable level of amplification, we’ll have you repeat a list of words to measure your word recognition score (WRS) which gives us an indication of your ability to use amplification effectively.


With test data, we can program devices with the latest in digital hearing technology so you hear for yourself what it’s like to correct your hearing. We’ll also demonstrate wireless streaming which allows you to take phone calls in your hearing aids, or listen to television or another person over distance and through noise. Streaming is something you really need to experience to understand what I call “maximum content at a comfortable volume”.

Road Test:

If you would like, or still need to be convinced, you can wear these devices home and try them out in your own world. There is no obligation with the road test.


State law requires new hearing aid sales come with a minimum 30 day trial period from the day of delivery. You can also return your hearing aids within that 30 day trial period and receive a partial refund. The law allows us to charge $150.00 for one hearing aid or $200.00 for two hearing aids, plus a fee up to 5% of the total purchase price. WE DO NOT CHARGE the 5% FEE.

Continuing Service:

After your fitting and adjustment period we’ll schedule periodic visits for hearing aid cleanings, filter replacements, batteries, and we’ll check your ears for wax. We’ll also retest your hearing periodically to keep up with any changes and adjustments we may need to make to optimize your hearing aid performance.

Contact us for in-depth information about the products and services that we offer. To schedule an appointment, call us at 386-265-4769.

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