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Richard Polhill – Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist

  • Born in Rockford IL.
  • Technical training from DeVry Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor’s Degree from DeVry University, Orlando Florida
  • 1978-1993 Began Hearing Healthcare Career as a technician building and repairing hearing aids. Worked through the ranks to become a department supervisor, plant manager, and operations manager with Starkey Technologies, Argosy Electronics, and Electone Inc.
  • 1994-2008 Licensed as hearing aid specialist. Became board certified in 1996. 
  • 2009 Began private practice as Richard Polhill Professional Hearing Solutions serving hearing impaired clients from Palm Coast to Mimms, out to DeLand and Orange City, working from one location in Port Orange.

Cathy Gionfriddo – Patient Care Coordinator

  • Born in Rockville, CT
  • 1998-2009 Began Hearing HealthCare Career with Personal Hearing Center Millennium Hearing, Advanced Hearing, Sonus.
  • 2009 Richard Polhill Professional Hearing Solutions coordinating schedules, inventory management, hearing aid cleaning, insurance claims, and database management.

Client Testimonials

"Dear Mr. Polhill,
You took such kind and professional interest in my mother’s poor hearing.  She was “yours” until 6 years ago when she died at 102.  I will always appreciate how helpful you were to us.  You are truly professional and a caring man.  She was Martha Rzaganbright."

-Nancy Weekley

“Dear Rick,
I want to express my appreciation to you and Cathy for your care and consideration. It means so much to us. I am also appreciative of the high quality of care with which you practice and the kindness with which you have treated each of my family.

The patience, diligence, and knowledge you and Cathy offer is exceptional in today’s world. Thank you again for all you have done for us.”

- Dr. Richard Goldman

“Dear Richard,
I want to thank you for your wonderful service. I purchased my hearing aids last year. I had a lot of problems back home in MA finding someone to properly adjust them. I even went to the Clark School for the Daf, which is a world renowned school for hearing impaired children. No hearing specialist could seem to make the proper adjustment for a comfortable level of hearing. 

After arriving in Florida, I called your office for an appointment. Your very personable assistant, Kathy, told me to come in as soon as I was able to. You were very gracious and assured me that you would make proper adjustments, which you did. I was able to return for future adjustments if need be. However, your "fine tuning" was perfect. Today, I am very satisfied with my hearing, thanks to you. 

Once again, thank you to you and Cathy for your wonderful and friendly service. I will highly recommend you to my friends here in FL.”

- Marion Zgrodnik

"My last pair of hearing aids were purchased from Richard Polhill. I was looking for a reasonable price, and after an extensive hearing test was fitted and found these hearing aids were the best I was ever fitted for. Sounds I thought were lost forever, came in clear. When the question of cost came up, I was surprised to find I was buying hearing aids, not the whole factory. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Mr. Polhill's thoroughness is very much appreciated.

P.S. These hearing aids will not spend their time in a drawer."

- Kenneth Bigelow

"Dear Mr. Polhill,
I want to take this moment to extend my gratitude to both you and your Assistant, Kathy.

I am very pleased with the hearing aids. Your thoroughness in assisting and accommodating me was way beyond what I expected. Just to reflect on your experience--you familiarized me with the new sounds I would hear, i.e. water running, toilet flushing, pages of the newspaper being turned, the tv, the traffic, birds, and planes. You took the time to counsel me with correctly placing the aids in my ears, and to know the sound of the beep that signals the battery is in need of replacing. Your skill in adjusting the projected sounds to a comfortable level made my appointments precise and quick.

Because of the above, you are definitely a patron to your profession. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking hearing aid. Thank you again."

-Kathy Merriman

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