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Stay connected to the people you love most

Serving the hearing impaired for over 30 years!  Use our experience to improve yours!  Building and repairing hearing aids since 1978; fitting hearing aids since 1994.  Simplifying the most sophisticated technology so everyone can use it to strengthen their relationships.



Learn about causes and effects of hearing loss and the choices best suited to give you the best result.



There are hundreds of choices depending on the severity of hearing loss, level of social engagement, vision, dexterity, and budget.



Get out there. Enjoy conversation with friends and family. Listen with more confidence.

Innovative Products for Your Lifestyle

We have people from their 30’s to 102 years old enjoying the benefits of today's greatest innovations. You don’t have to be intimidated by technology. Just enjoy the result of how it can help you to hear and understand better in almost every situation.

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How We Hear

  • The ear gathers sound waves and funnels them down the ear canal.
  • The canal creates a resonance that emphasizes frequencies important in speech.
  • These sound waves hit the eardrum (tympanic membrane) causing it to vibrate.
  • That vibration causes the three tiny bones in the middle ear (Malleus, incus, stapes) to vibrate, amplify, and transmit the signal to the oval window of the inner ear.
  • The oval window vibrates causing fluid to move inside the cochlea, which causes movement of hair cells which are connected to nerve endings that convert this movement into electrical signals. 
  • From the cochlea, the auditory nerve carries the electrical signals to the brain for interpretation.

We Offer:

  • ReSound
  • Signia/Siemens
  • Starkey
  • Phonak
  • Service on any brand

High-Tech Advantages:

  1. Superior auditory experience
  2. Direct sound streaming
  3. Instinctive listening capability
  4. Wireless and discreet